Housing = Jobs

The Sadowski Housing Coalition is a nonpartisan collection of 25 diverse statewide organizations that initially came together in 1991 to obtain a dedicated revenue source for Florida’s affordable housing programs, now known as the Sadowski Act.

Facing today’s tough economic times, the Sadowski Housing Coalition urges the Florida Legislature to use Florida’s housing trust fund monies solely for housing and help create more than 27,000 jobs and $3.43 BILLION in positive economic impact in Florida.

The faster Florida’s housing market recovers, the faster Florida’s economy recovers.  Housing dollars can put Florida’s out-of-work housing industry back to work repairing homes and improving the real estate market, and help reduce future state budget deficits.

Sadowski Housing Coalition Calls on Florida Legislature to Use Housing Trust Funds for Housing

SHIP Success Story: 

This short video tells the story of Ruth Young, a frail elderly homeowner who needed life safety repairs in order to stay in her home and continue to care for her adult son with special needs. SHIP provided that construction repair assistance.  If the housing trust funds are used for housing, SHIP success stories will no longer be a thing of the past, but of the present and future.

Ruth Young from Malea Guiriba on Vimeo.

Florida Housing Coalition Hosted its 2013 Statewide Annual Conference!

View the 2013 SHIP Awards

More than 600 affordable housing advocates, lenders, developers, administrators and policy makers across the State of Florida attended the Florida Housing Coalition’s (FHC) 26th Annual Conference this past September 8-11 in Orlando, Fla. The Conference offered a series of cutting-edge training sessions, panel discussions and opportunities to learn from a broad range of experts. 

For more information, visit flhousing.org.

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